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How can I obtain digital music legally?

You can legally download music, videos, and software from many sites that now offer such services. Many sites sell individual songs for less than a dollar and whole albums at a reasonable discount. For playing digital music and video on your computer, we recommend these services featured on our Legal2Share site. These services feature competitive prices and is guaranteed to be high quality as well as virus and spyware free.


The University of California and the California State University are working on providing a system-wide solution to make legal music/video downloads available to UC and CSU students. The following is an excerpt from an RFP (Request for Proposal) released by UC and CSU in January 2005:

“The University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU) are seeking to form relationships with vendors of online entertainment services that are interested in providing their services to the universities' communities. It is our goal to foster viable legal alternatives to illegal sharing of entertainment-related intellectual property. In particular, we want to facilitate creative efforts to:

  • integrate legal alternatives into the culture of UC and CSU consumers of Internet-based entertainment services,
  • foster new relationships between UC and CSU community members seeking online entertainment services with vendors who offer those services,
  • build cooperative relationships between UC and CSU campuses and on-line entertainment service vendors to foster the relationships between community members and vendors,
  • provide choice among multiple distributors of entertainment services for participating campuses, and
  • develop new business models for direct access to online entertainment that are simple, straightforward, and minimize operational impact on UC and CSU, as well as maximize benefit to the members of the UC and CSU communities.

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of criteria to achieve the above goals, with particular emphasis on articulated approaches that:

  • maximize benefit to the UC and CSU communities
  • minimize or mitigate costs incurred by UC and CSU to implement the proposal
  • build a comprehensive approach for educating our community about copyrighted media in an electronic environment, deterring inappropriate activity, and fostering constructive electronic media sharing, and
  • utilize university technology resources in an effective manner.”



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