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Monday, June 25, 2018

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For Students in Residence Halls

1) Guidelines for Residence Halls Students

  • Unauthorized distribution and reproduction of any U.S. copyright law protected material, including software, video and audio, is prohibited (this includes but is not limited to MP3s, Feature Films, etc.).
  • UCR Housing Services/ResNET reserves the right to immediately suspend computing privileges if a user and/or user’s machine is operating in a manner that violates acceptable use policies. Student will be notified upon disconnection. Connection may not be reinstated until investigation is complete and/or determination is made that reconnection would not jeopardize network integrity. Permanent suspension may apply as part of disciplinary sanction.

-- p. 45, UCR Residential Handbook 2005-2006

2) UCR Bandwidth Management

In partnership with the Vice Chancellor of Administration and campus Housing, Computing and Communications (C&C) actively engages in bandwidth management to ensure that scarce network resources are equitably allocated to all campus constituencies. However, C&C has not instituted controls to "block" certain types of traffic or to "monitor / track" individual users' network activities. UCR's bandwidth management policies, as they relate to the Residence Halls, are shaped by three objectives:

  1. To ensure privacy: C&C's primary goal is to ensure the privacy of all campus electronic communications. C&C will only log / monitor / track electronic communications with the approval of appropriate campus management (the VCA or his designate) or in the case of a severe network attack or disruption.
  2. To allow for appropriate use of the campus network: the same file share programs used to illegally share copyrighted materials can be used to legally distribute copyrighted materials and non-copyrighted materials provided that:
    1. the Fair Use 4 Part Test is satisfied, or
    2. permissive use from the copyright owner is granted, or
    3. the work is in the public domain.
  3. To allocate scarce bandwidth resources: since bandwidth is a scarce resource, the campus must actively engage in processes and activities that equitably allocate this bandwidth to all campus users in the support of teaching, research, and public service.

A complete overview of UCR's Residence Halls bandwidth management guidelines.




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